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    1.From the business model perspective
    B2C’s customer groups are mainly individuals, and they are basically product-centric. Individual customers can choose to use or not, or choose an option they approve from the product list, but they cannot arbitrarily change the characteristics of the product, so the product is more popular and homogeneous. The transformation is also more serious, and this is a necessary part of the solution to continue to develop in the future.
    B2B’s customer groups are mainly enterprises. Generally, for suppliers, only through batch copying can effectively reduce production costs and achieve profitability goals. However, what most enterprise customers need is customized development and personalized features, and the costs caused by these requirements cannot be diluted by scale.

    2.From the perspective of growth cycle
    As far as the growth cycle is concerned, the growth cycle of B2C is shorter than that of B2B. Now the development of the industry has stabilized, and it can be said that it has reached a certain bottleneck period. Now that the market rules of the B2C industry have taken shape, it is difficult to make a big breakthrough!
    The growth cycle of B2B is generally several years, and because the group for B2B is customers, there will be a certain threshold for B2B. A company has already prepared long-term strategies before operation. Although the development is slow, it can often be sustained. Profitable, but that doesn’t mean B2B or B2C is more promising!


    3.From the perspective of development prospect
    The mobile 5G era has opened up the development of the e-commerce industry. In the future, it will meet the needs of individuals. With a series of innovations such as payment, navigation, and e-commerce, it will finally solve the various needs of personal digitalization, and even create new lifestyles and behaviors. Habit. Now that the 5G era is coming, what kind of collision will the high-speed network have with the relatively traditional B2B and B2C? I don’t know yet!
    How to seek new breakthroughs in the changing market, a B2C+O2O omni-channel retail online mall system, which can connect with multiple suppliers, realize zero warehousing on the platform, and reduce the cost of enterprises; the mall system provides membership marketing + omni-channel Internet E-commerce + e-commerce solution for the whole industry chain, seek development opportunities for traditional enterprises that want to transform into e-commerce, and create the most suitable e-commerce solutions for enterprises!

    Post time: Apr-20-2022